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Software Packages

If your email client is not mentioned above but allows you to change your settings:

With Bigfoot for Life, you continue to send and receive your mail exactly as you did before using the email program of your choice. To optimize your Bigfoot for Life address, change your return address to your new Bigfoot for Life email address. Then, reconfigure your email program to send mail through the Bigfoot mail server. (Please do not change your POP or SMTP account information, as you will continue to retrieve and send your mail exactly as you did before.)

Most popular email programs have a setup area so you can easily make these modifications. Here is the basic configuration information for a majority of email software packages:

.... Return Address:    .... YourName@Bigfoot.com
                                       (your new Bigfoot for Life address)
.... Real Name:          .... Your full name
.... SMTP Server
(Outbound Mail):
POP Server
(Incoming Mail):       

  .... This information does not need to be changed. If not already entered you should obtain POP and SMTP Server information from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or your network administrator.

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