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Email Forwarding Subscription Plans

 Features Basic Premium Plus Ultra Plus
 Email Forwarding      
    Number of messages per day 50 Unlimited Unlimited
    Smart Delivery Agent Optional Yes Yes
    POP/IMAP access Optional Yes Yes
    Filesize 3Mb 10Mb 10Mb
    SMTP Access NEW! - - Yes
    Power Forwarding      
           Distribution - 20 20
           Filtering - 50 50
           Consolidation - 10 10
           Automatic Reminder - Yes Yes
           Auto Responder - Yes Yes
           Permaweb - Yes Yes
     Storage - 2Gb 2Gb
     Friends Box - Yes Yes
     Read Receipt - Yes Yes
     Color Skins - Yes Yes
 Anti-Spam Solution      
     ORDB/SBL block spam Yes Yes Yes
     Inspector Mails / Anti-Spam Solution Optional Yes Yes
     Blacklist / White List - Yes Yes
 3rd Party Marketing Emails Yes - -
 24x7 Customer Support (Email) Yes Yes Yes
 24x7 Customer Support (Phone) - - Yes
 Price Free $9.95/quarter $19.95/quarter

Number of messages per day
The more emails you get, the bigger limits you need. Choose from any of our three subscription plans and find the one that best suits your needs.

Send and receive bigger file attachments such as photo albums, presentations and other large files.

ORDB/SBL block spam
Bigfoot has subscribed to the ORDB and SBL block lists to minimize unsolicited bulk email, also known as SPAM.

Power Forwarding
Bigfoot's Power Forwarding features let you manage your email communications more efficiently. Its Distribution feature allows you to distribute emails to as many as 20 different accounts. The Filtering feature rejects unwanted emails thus providing you with another layer of protection from spam. The Consolidation feature lets you collect emails from 10 different POP3 accounts.

You can also send emails to yourself to remind you of important occasions with the Reminder feature; and send an automatic reply to received emails while you're away with the built-in Auto-Responder feature. If you have your own web site, you can use the Permaweb feature to redirect netizens to your site.

You can do more than just sending, receiving and storing emails with Bigfoot's new WebMail. Its unique mail storage feature automatically deletes old emails from your mailbox to prevent mail overload problems. It also has the ability to access Bigfoot's popular Directory or Email Search engine and automatically add found contacts to your address book.

POP/IMAP access
If you have an account that supports POP/IMAP, you can configure your mail client program to download your emails directly from our servers to your PC.

SMTP Access
You can use this by configuring your own mail client to point to our SMTP server.

Smart Delivery Agent
If for any reason Bigfoot cannot deliver your email to your forwarding address (e.g. full mailbox), the Smart Delivery Agent will automatically forward a copy of the undelivered mail to your WebMail account. This unique feature ensures that you'll never lose an email again.

Advance Anti-SPAM Solution
Bigfoot's advanced Anti-Spam Solution has the ability to filter out even the most sophisticated spam. It is proactive and requires no action from the end-user. It is also 99% false-positives free, which means there a very negligible chance of tagging legitimate mails as spam.

24x7 Customer Support by Email (help@bigfoot.com)
If you need any assistance with your Bigfoot account, just shoot us an email and a customer representative will be there to attend to you.

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