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Distribution is a great service for those Bigfoot for Life members who have multiple email accounts and want to receive all of their incoming email at some or all of these accounts. The Distribution service allows you to have a copy of all your incoming email forwarded to up to twenty email addresses of your choice. This means that all of the mail that you receive at your Bigfoot For Life address will also be sent to whatever address you specify. For example, a copy of all the mail that comes to you@bigfoot.com can be forwarded to you@work.com, you@home.com and you@internetcafe.com; thus making sure that you always have access to all of your email.


The Bigfoot Filtering Service provides Bigfoot For Life members the option of having Bigfoot deliver or reject their incoming mail based on criteria that they specify; ie. keywords in the subject or text of the message, name of the sender, etc. This service is ideal for those members with unique email delivery needs. For example, email received at you@bigfoot.com with the words"recreational topic" in the subject can be forwarded to you@home.com while words with "work-related topic" in the subject can be sent to you@work.com and also forwarded to yourboss@work.com. In addition, mail sent from wacko@stayaway.com or any mail with "make money fast" in the subject can be rejected before you ever lay eyes on it.


The Bigfoot Consolidation service allows Bigfoot For Life members with multiple e-mail accounts a simple way to access all of their messages without having to check each account separately. You simply provide us with all of your active addresses and Bigfoot will have all of your incoming e-mail centrally delivered to your Bigfoot For Life address. For example, if you are currently receiving messages at you@pseudo_tech.com, you@spurious.net, and you@cybergeek.com, instead of having to check each address separately, you can have Bigfoot go get those messages and deliver them right to your Bigfoot for Life address, which in turn will forward them to your primary Forwarding address.


Let's face it, we could all use a little help when it comes to remembering important dates. Now Bigfoot For Life members have a way to remind themselves. Just let us know what that date is and how many days ahead of time you need to be notified. Bigfoot will automatically send you an email message reminding you of the special occasion you have selected. Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, garbage day, you name it!


Whether you're away for a while or just want to respond to your email immediately with a special message, the Bigfoot Auto Responder allows you to automatically deliver a brief message via email to anyone that sends mail to your BIGFOOT address. For whatever reason, you aren't always going to have access to your email and it would be good to inform the people who are trying to contact you that you aren't around - kind of like an answering machine for your email. Tell them where you are, when you'll likely get back, how they can reach you, or whatever else you want to say.


If you have a Web page, you can now have a URL for life with Bigfoot's PermaWeb service. Bigfoot allows you to create a permanent Web address (http://www.bigfoot.net/~yourname that will redirect netizens to your actual URL. So even if you switch to a different Internet access provider, you won't have to give everyone you know your new URL.

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